Project Description


We will conduct monitoring programs of the marine life around the Mnemba atoll. All information collected will be shared with local communities to take proper actions for the restoration and protection of the reefs of Mnemba atoll. A healthier marine ecosystem will benefit all the local actors exploiting the sea (fishermen & tourism actors). 

Sea turtle populations around Mnemba Island have never been studied before. We will start a photo identification project on sea turtles. Data will be entered in database TORSOOI, which aims to harmonize data on sea turtles in the Indian Ocean. 

Mnemba atoll is the home of several pods of bottlenose dolphins. They inhabit the atoll daily, but the population has never been estimated. The intense tourism activities during the high season seem to affect dolphin behavior and the size of the population. It is a necessity to conduct a monitoring program on the pods of bottlenose dolphins.

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