Join the Living Ocean as a Partner

Become a Partner of the Living Ocean and contribute to our success and mission. By supporting The Living Ocean, you help us to fund projects and take action to increase marine conservation. With your support we ensure marine life is protected and local communities are working together with us to safeguard the oceans. The Living Ocean is an independent non-profit organization, which receives funds from individuals, companies, and other NGO’s.


Are you a company or small startup, interested in sustainability and marine conservation?

With the Living Ocean you can work together on several projects related to marine conservation. In return we can communicate how your business is helping a good cause and making the difference for the planet. You can proudly feature our logo in your communications.

Please contact with the title “Donor Partner “.



  • Under The Wave Zanzibar
  • World Unite
  • Windesheim University
  • Stichting Jamiti
  • Stichting Els & Tom Akerboom
  • Stichting Van der Hucht Beukelaar


Why is the Ocean important?

We are all dependent on marine ecosystems. Countless people and companies depend financially on the natural resources coming from the oceans. It regulates our climate, produces half the oxygen we breathe, and fuels the water cycle that produces rain and freshwater. In other words, it’s the Blue Heart of the planet! According to the World Economic Forum, about 90% of goods globally are transported by the sea. Besides, the ocean is also an important source of food, providing not only seafood, but also nutrients such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

In short, the ocean is considered a key ecosystem for preserving life on planet Earth. Therefore, it becomes vital and important to preserve the oceans, to also take care of life outside the seas. To help the oceans, it is essential that everyone, from individuals to companies do their part. It is very important to avoid the irregular disposal of waste in (ocean) waters, especially plastic and chemical waste, which have a great impact on marine life.

Helping an organization like The Living Ocean not only benefits the environment and our communities, but also adds value to your company. Today consumers and (potential) employees are looking for brands and initiatives that are committed to social responsibility and caring for the environment. Thus, partnering with The Living Ocean increases the value of your brand and makes you more attractive to customers and (future) employees.

The Living Ocean is registered as a ANBI (public benefit organisation). If your company is registered in the Netherlands, your donations can have tax advantages.

Find out more on the Dutch tax services website.