Give today and make a difference for the future of our ocean and marine life!

We are passionate about protecting our ocean, beautiful coral reefs and marine life. And helping the new generations of local people to understand, appreciate and cherish their environment so that it can support them and their families for generations to come.

Every donation counts, and any amount given helps us to make a difference. A one-off donation is a fantastic start, recurring, monthly donation supports our commitment to longer term solutions. 

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Have you always wanted to volunteer for a NGO in marine conservation?

As a volunteer with our partner ‘Under The Wave Zanzibar’, you have the chance to play an active role in our Turtle hatchery or Coral farm.

Help to preserve endangered sea turtles by protecting hatcheries, conserving the environment, patrol the beach at night to spot nesting mother turtles and help release hundreds of babies out to sea. Get involved in the local community, from teaching children to beach clean up’s and get a real glimpse of life in rural Zanzibar.

Or are you interested in corals and you have your Dive certification? Help us with our Coral nursery farm.

Our Zanzibar volunteers are based in Matemwe, this is North-east of Zanzibar. Our partner, Under The Wave Zanzibar offers responsible, fun and affordable volunteering opportunities in Zanzibar.

Other volunteering opportunities closer to home are also possible. Help us with a range of activities such as fundraising, charity events, generating publicity, making communication and education materials

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